A great day for Bradford on Avon : 10 out of 10

With news just in that Ideal Bradford has had all 1o of its candidates elected to the Town Council, work can begin on fulfilling the truly great potential our town has to offer everyone. Congratulations to everyone involved.

In my blog of 25 April, I said: We can be so much more than we are, for everyone in the town. To achieve that, we need leadership and the Town Council is the right vehicle for delivering leadership. But only if we have people on the Town Council with the vision, energy and drive to deliver. And delivering results is everything. If the Town Council has a vision and a results-driven plan, then almost anything is possible. It doesn’t mean the councillors do all the work. It does mean them inspiring people across the town to get involved and contribute, in the knowledge that their contribution will make a tangible difference to the community and to their own lives.

I concluded: There’s an old adage that says “When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!’”. Having lived in Bradford on Avon for 23 years, I have genuinely not seen such an opportunity as we face in this election to re-invigorate our town, to provide fresh and purposeful leadership.

This is a great day for the town and one to be strongly celebrated …