Current areas of work

With colleagues, I am working on a massively exciting major new project designed to foster innovation, excellence and sustainable success for a community of diverse businesses. More details will follow.


Townswork helps small towns and village communities work better, through creative strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement and research. We’re particularly concerned with exploring how communities can best adapt to the new reality of supermarket domination, low consumer spend, changed working patterns, out-commuting to cities, traffic congestion and climate change!” Former projects include a series of debates under the auspices of the RSA on the future of the five towns of West Wiltshire. Current projects include community liaison between development teams and the local community with the Kingston Farm development in Bradford on Avon, the Holt Tannery development in the neighbouring village of Holt (each project creating employment space for c.2-300 people, plus high quality housing), as well as scoping studies for Calne Town Council.

I am on the Board of Enterprise Wiltshire, a not-for-profit responsible for delivering a programme of work to develop and improve the economy and wellbeing of Wiltshire and described as one of the key ‘delivery arms’ for the Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Board’s members are drawn from a range of private, public and third sector organisations.

I am also on the Board of Creating Excellence, a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing great places for people to live and work in by offering practical assistance in support of good design and effective community engagement. The company combines the experience of communities, practitioners and senior policy makers with up to date research, to provide a service that is tailored to the needs of our clients, be they communities, developers or local authorities.

I am a founding director of the Bradford on Avon Development Trust, a social enterprise whose aims are ”to cultivate enterprise, develop community assets and transform the area of benefit for good. The Trust is committed to helping the community achieve a sustainable future through understanding and integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations equally into the fabric of its work and organisation”. We have played a pivotal role in working with the town to resolve a number of pressing issues, including the Kingston Mills redevelopment, the former hospital site and preparation for a neighbourhood planning process.



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