Why I’m supporting Ideal Bradford (4) : they have the drive and energy to make this town even more amazing.

So here we are … just hours away from what is possibly the most important Town Council election of the past 20+ years. As I said in an earlier blog “we can be so much more than we are, for everyone in the town”.

According to Ideal Bradford, we have before us the opportunity to:

  • change the way the Town Council works to make the decision-making process easier for everyone to access – not just a vocal few.
  • actively promote integration of the Climate Friendly 2050 Declaration including exploring ways of increasing the use of renewable energy within the council and town.
  • introduce and maintain rigorous and transparent financial controls to ensure that public money is managed and scrutinised effectively.
  • promote a sustainable and diverse local economy, supporting commercial development in the town that provides jobs and services for its residents.

This depends on people getting out to vote. It’s a vote for the future. And remember, you have six votes in the Town Council elections. Use them well … and here’s hoping for a bright future for this gem of a town.